Wednesday, December 5, 2012

7 Things We'd Like To See In Beyonce's Documentary (But Won't)

7 Things We'd Like To See in Beyonce's HBO Documentary (But Won't)

Singer Beyonce Knowles-Carter has said in interviews that she is boring once off-stage, and she has kept her personal life private throughout her career. However, through blogs and social media sites like Twitter, many fans want to feel "connected" to their celebrity idols by gaining a look at their everyday lives. 

Bey has taken note.

 Beyonce  recently created a Tumblr account in an attempt to be more open with her followers, who she refers to as her "Beyhive."

"I always battle with, how much do I reveal about myself," said the singer in the 26 second long E! Online sneak-peek for her documentary that airs February 16th on HBO. 

Will we get to see another side of the megastar? Below are 7 things that would make this documentary interesting. 

1. Blue Ivy Carter

We've seen the photos the singer released of Blue Ivy months ago, and even heard her voice featured on her father, Jay-Z's, track "Glory."

 It would be nice to see the little one on video.

2. Her Belly during her Final Trimester

The most interesting thing shown in the trailer is Beyonce's small baby bump at around the 0:17 mark. However, her belly was not big enough to silence those who doubt that she was ever pregnant. 

Not saying Bey has to prove anything to anyone, but it would be nice to see the conspiracy theories put to an end!

3. Wedding/Reception Footage

Who all made the guest list for this top secret event? Did Frank Sinatra rise from the dead to serenade the couple? We need answers!

4. Reunion with Past Destiny's Child Members

One could only imagine what would be talked about at such a gathering. There were many allegations from all parties about what really went down. The discussion would surely get heated. 

Sidenote: I'd put my money on Farrah being the one who is escorted out by security. 

5.Fall-out with father/ex-manager, Matthew Knowles 

There are rumors that the child Matthew Knowles had outside of his marriage, and him being suspected of stealing money played a role in Beyonce firing him as her manager. 

It would be interesting to see what happened then, and how their relationship is now. 

6. Video of Beyonce & Solange with their half-brother

The story about Matthew Knowles' son has faded away, and we never hear about Beyonce's half-brother anymore. 

Does the little boy have a relationship with his big sisters?

7. What do Bey & Gwyneth Paltrow Talk About?

A look into the friendship of these Hollywood starlets could be interesting....

Will you be watching on February 16th? 

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